POETS | 2018

POETS | 2018

New brands pop up everyday. Most of them are uninspired, unoriginal, and created by people chasing trends to make a quick buck. Simultaneously, fashion’s obsession with skateboarding continues to grow exponentially. The result is popular culture eating up almost anything that is attached to our world. And it’s not always the best look.

Gino Iannucci’s Poets brand is the opposite of that in every way. Everything from the name, to the process for making the garments, to the Instagram account are meticulously curated and uniquely Gino. The same aesthetic that he’s applied to his skating is being applied to Poets. Less is more and quality output are the cornerstones of the brand’s principals.

Poets unveiled its first collection a little over a month ago. The signature piece—an Italian-made cardigan sweater inspired by Burgess Meredith’s character in the movie Rocky—retails at $395.00 USD. The price point alone differentiates Poets from the typical skate brand. And Iannucci is reluctant to define it as such.

Hovering somewhere between high fashion and the streets, Poets is providing a unique take on mature menswear. Just don’t ask Gino if he’s becoming a fashion designer. The answer is a solid “Maybe.” Right now, he’s simply enjoying the process of learning how to manufacture clothes, and building a brand that is a reflection of who he is as a person.